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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! A little short introduction just so you know who’s behind all the stuff that you find here.

I’m Celia and I live in the Republic of Singapore – a beautiful, sunny island state that has been my home for the past 20+ years. I moved here from Canada in 1994, and while working here, met my Singaporean husband and now enjoy a happy and contented married life.

I started this food and cooking blog like how most blog authors and writers begin – as an avenue to explore, discover, create, share and express a personal passion.

It took me a while to discover food, particularly cooking and baking, as a process through which I could bring together my interests, skills and abilities. Once I realised that I could do more (a whole lot more!) than just fry eggs or bake butter cookies, I started on my fruitful journey of learning and discovery.

As the saying goes, experience is our greatest teacher, and while I may have the occasional blunder or misadventure in the kitchen, I think I’ve progressed way past scrambled eggs and chocolate chip cookies, to cooking up tasty dishes, treats and desserts. I’m now a passionate home cook and baker.

On any given day, you can find me bustling in my kitchen – cooking the next meal, baking the day’s mid-morning snack or tea-time treat, and always, always, eating! When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m glued to my paperback cookbooks, poring over pages and pictures of delectable foods, or these days, with a hand-held tablet or device in hand, searching for all sorts of recipes, the good and the great.

I particularly enjoy traditional Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine, staying true to my cultural roots and heritage. Living in Singapore is a cook’s dream – the rich and multicultural diversity of ethnicities and cultures (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian) here offer an exciting smorgasbord of cuisines to try and experiment with!

I am constantly inspired as well by cuisines all over the world – Thai, Japanese, Korean, English, Italian, Spanish, and so much more – there’s nothing that I won’t try once something grabs my interest.

In a nutshell, anything goes! I’m always on the lookout for interesting, challenging or just plain awe-inspiring recipes. It could be anything inconspicuosly printed on the package of some product or ingredient, or even out of a beauty magazine, or on health websites advocating healthy cooking recipes…so long as it turns out wonderful tasting edibles!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll find recipes here that pique your interest! And please do leave your comments – helpful ones most appreciated!


  1. Hi Celia,

    I wonder if you have a recipe on “Achar” (the appetiser that is available in Malay food stall). I think this side dish will go well with the Pongteh Chicken dish 🙂


  2. Hi Caz, lazy Sunday or not, that sounds so delicious! You’ve got lots of creative juices flowing into the meals you prepare, and I really admire that! Deep-fried frog legs sound so good, I’ve only ever had them stir-fried, and that was eons ago in the old Newton hawker centre back in the 70s! Keep sharing your wonderful meal ideas, I’m ever so intrigued by all the stuff you come up with in your kitchen!? Btw, am in China now so pardon my delayed reply, wifi is a little intermittent where I am. Cheers! Celia

  3. Hi Celia it’s a lazy Sunday and I’ve decided to cook your steamed pork recipe instead. However I’ve not got any water chestnuts and can’t be bothered to drive to Chinatown so will just make it with dried shrimps and perhaps add some XO Sauce to the pork mixture when marinating. Combined with some deep fried frogs legs with salt and pepper which my daughter will like (anything deep fried please!!!) plus a dish of 油菜,complete with some 發菜排骨湯,that should do the trick for a lazy Sunday I think!

  4. Hi Caz, oooh…sounds delicious, love how you made this your own! I’d like to try it the way you prepared it too. Thank you so much for sharing! Hope the babi pongtay goes down well with everyone at the table, I’m sure you’ll make it a winner with the family (save for your daughter Keep your comments coming, ya?

  5. Hi Celia. I cooked the recipe today and added my own version. Didn’t have dried shrimp in my fridge so I put some fresh scallops instead, blanched in boiling water for a few seconds. I also added in chopped fresh chillis and a bit of fish sauce (nuoc mam). Bit of sugar and bit of sesame oil, finished with garnish of chopped spring onion and coriander. Nephew liked it. My own daughter doesn’t like Chinese food at all so all fun and games here. British food for her and Chinese for family plus nephew! It’s a dogs life lol ???

  6. Hello Caz, thank you so much for connecting with me!? And for allowing me a little peek into your life in the UK. Wow! Mediterranean, Chinese and Nonya cuisines all must make for such exciting meals in your home. Lucky you! I really hope the recipes here will turn out delicious for you too! I hope you’ll keep your comments coming and share about the recipes you try, here or elsewhere. I just love to hear from my readers and it inspires me tremendously! For starters, do let me know how the hairy gourd & tung fen worked out?! Cheers, Celia

  7. Hi Celia I love your recipes. I am Singaporean living in Manchester UK and I live with a Frenchman who cooks wonderful Mediterranean food. My nephew from Macau lives with us and will only eat Cantonese food so we do a lot of various cuisines in the home. I miss the food of my youth and like you, any time off from work will be spent on the internet looking up recipes to cook for the family when it’s my turn. I am going to try your hairy gourd and tung hoon recipe tonight and will use packet chicken stock to braise the dish. Will try the Babi pongteh this weekend too.

  8. Hi Serena, a big hello and welcome! Thank you so much for dropping in. I’m so happy you like what you see here, and what really delights me most is hearing from my readers, especially if you’ve got stuff to share about…what else…food!?? Hope you’ll find stuff you love here! Cheers, Celia

  9. I am so glad to find your blog ! You have got so many amazing recipes 🙂 I am korean, live in New Zealand and also love Japanese culture. Anyway Thank you for sharing your story ^^

  10. Hi Joey, thank you so much for your thoughts and kind words! Hearing that means the world to me ? Glad you found yummm here that you’d like to try. Do write in and let me know how you like the recipes you try. Happy cooking and baking for the hols! Cheers, Celia

  11. Hi! I found your blog and WOW!!! It’s super duper amazing!! All of the food looks absolutely delicious, can’t wait to try out these recipes these coming holidays, thank you!!

  12. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! 🙂

  13. Can I just grab the food out of your page? Everything looks amazingly delicious even though I’m full from a huge dinner and that it’s already 12mn. (:

  14. Thank you very much, Philyn!:)

  15. wow! Everything looks so delicious!

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