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Braised Chicken with Potatoes

I love saucy dishes, so it is no surprise that I tend to gravitate towards Cantonese food for the majority of my family meal choices. The Cantonese are certainly well renowned for their cuisine, not only for preparing fine, grand and exquisitely cooked dishes fit for banquets and feasts, but […]

Main Dishes

Soft Tofu with Soy Sauces and Sesame Oil

Tofu, or bean curd, is a regular staple at meals that I cook up at home. Tofu is so versatile and is wonderfully satisfying as a main meal in itself, or as an accompanying ingredient in soups and salads, meat, seafood, vegetable dishes as well as in noodle soups and […]

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Sweet and Sour Fish

Cook up this classic restaurant-styled Chinese sweet and sour fish dish which comes with an amazing recipe for a gastronomic Cantonese-inspired sweet and sour sauce! Quick and easy to prepare, and immensely versatile, this dish can be a quick weekday meal or your favourite weekend indulgence! In Chinese cuisine, there […]

Main Dishes

Sweet (or Salted) Radish Omelette

This is a simple omelette to make, and oh, so tasty! Commonly, salted radish, instead of sweet, is used, but I find the salted variety just… well, too salty!Β Having been told by my Thai friends that sweet radish is actually a better choice, I now get the Thai brands of […]

Egg Recipes, Main Dishes

Egg and Tomato Omelette

If you love tomatoes and also love eggs, why not try this very tasty omelette, where eggs are lightly scrambled in a tangy, sweet-savoury, garlic-infused sauce made of tomato juices and caramelised tomato chunks. This is one of my favourite ways of having a vegetarian meal – just this omelette […]

Main Dishes, Pork Recipes

Wok-Fried Char Siew (Pork)

This is a recipe in one of my collection of cookbooks, by Chef Phang Fah, which I’ve modified just slightly. Why I particularly like this recipe, besides it’s robust, savoury flavour, is because there isn’t any roasting involved – Β I am always trying to use cooking methods for meat that […]

Main Dishes, Rice

Chinese Fried Rice

Fried rice is such a versatile dish that there are so many variations. Every culture, i.e. Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., has their own unique and signature fried rice dish, and all so very tasty! For me, fried rice has to be just right on many aspects. It should be just […]