Fragrant Yam Rice – Easy Rice Cooker Method

Fluffy, fragrant, flavourful, healthy and nutritious Chinese-style yam rice makes the perfect one-dish meal and is a delicious staple to accompany your favourite mains and sides. Rice is such a staple in Chinese and Asian cuisines in general, it’s no surprise that there are infinite ways to enjoy this humble […]

Pork Congee with Braised Peanuts & Dried Scallops

A Cantonese style, deliciously wholesome, hearty and nutritious congee with pork meat balls and braised peanut, infused with the sweet flavours of dried scallops and shallot oil. Sometimes, we just need a lot of love … in a bowl of congee. It’s something I always fall back to when I’ve […]

Chinese Style Beef Fried Rice

 Why not cook and enjoy your fried rice dish exactly the way you and your family love it? This is a quick and simple beef fried rice recipe for when you’re in need of a quick, delicious one-dish meal. We’re having simple food this week – nothing that takes too […]

Chinese Fried Rice

Fried rice is such a versatile dish that there are so many variations. Every culture, i.e. Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, etc., has their own unique and signature fried rice dish, and all so very tasty! For me, fried rice has to be just right on many aspects. It should be just […]