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Very Rich Butter Cake

This all-time popular cake recipe post just got a whole lot better! Now updated with step-by-step photos, so whether you’re a novice or experienced baker, you can easily bake up and savour this incredibly rich , marvellously moist and super buttery cake. Update! Dear readers, I hear you! You’ve been […]

Cake Recipes, Snacks & Treats

Lemon Raspberry Cake

I often find bucket loads of reasonsย to cook something, bake something, eat something. Is this necessarily a bad thing? I’d like to think not, especially when these lead to something indelibly good in the end. Like this light, moist and buttery lemon raspberry cake.

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Welsh “Speckled” Bread (Bara Brith) – A Fruit Loaf that Makes for Really Good Bread.

A Welsh fruit bread loaf usually filled with dried raisins or currants and candied peel, hence often referred to as “speckled” bread. There’s something about European-style breads that I absolutely savour. On our past travels through various parts of Europe, the many family-run bakeries dottingย the towns and countryside, offering freshly […]

Cake Recipes, Snacks & Treats

Cinnamon Hazelnut Chiffon Cake

Treat yourself to a refreshingly light, yet nutty, cotton-soft chiffon cake infused with the flavours of ground cinnamon and mixed nuts – a perfect accompaniment with coffee or tea at breakfast! It’s hard to believe that August is here! July was a busy month for me, and I’m starting to […]