Sweet Soups

Pears Steamed with Cinnamon & Cloves

An incredibly refreshing and soothing Chinese dessert prepared with freshly cut Asian pears, cinnamon and cloves. This light fruit dessert can be enjoyed as a ‘cooling’ tonic on hot days, or as a ‘warming’ soup during winter. A tonifying dessert is way overdue for me! I’ve been rather over-indulgent lately […]

Shelled Mung Bean Soup (Tau Suan)

A Singapore favourite, shelled mung bean soup or ‘tau suan’ as it is known in Hokkien dialect terms, is a much loved dessert which many of us can easily enjoy at local hawker food centres. This dessert is always served hot and garnished with cut slices of crispy Chinese cruellers […]

Sweet Tonic Soup to Improve Sleep

Here is a sweet-tasting tonic soup that helps improve sleep when taken regularly over time. I often prepare this to help me overcome my on and off bouts of restless sleep. Even if you are not having any sleep issues, as a tonic concoction, all the ingredients are nutritionally beneficial […]

Sweet Red Dates in Ginger Milk Soup

This sweet dessert is rich with the goodness of Chinese red dates. Red dates are often heralded by the Chinese as a super food, making their way into traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, but just as commonly found in almost every Chinese household kitchen.

Sweet Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seeds

This is an all-time classic Chinese dessert which anyone can prepare at home. Once I was old enough to handle a pot over a hot stove, my mother taught me to make this, and it remains one of our family favourites.  Though you can easily enjoy sweet red bean soup […]

Pears Steamed with Snow Fungus Soup

This is a sweet Chinese dessert which I make at least twice a week.  It is so easy to put together, and only takes 40 minutes or so to steam till the pears are soft. The mildly sweet pear juices combined with sweet red dates and natural rock sugar, create a […]

Sweet Mung Bean Soup with Sago Pearls

Here is another classic, sweet-tasting Chinese soup prepared with highly nutritious green mung beans. In Chinese traditional medicine, the colour of green belongs to one of the Five Elements, namely ‘Wood’, and thus relates to the Liver.

Sweet Potato with Longan in Ginger Soup

  This is a heart-warming Chinese dessert, perfect for afternoon tea or at any time of day when you might crave for a sweet snack. And it’s extremely nutritious as well, as sweet potatoes are one of nature’s best sources of beta-carotene. It is extremely easy and quick to prepare – […]