Egg and Tomato Omelette

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If you love tomatoes and also love eggs, why not try this very tasty omelette, where eggs are lightly scrambled in a tangy, sweet-savoury, garlic-infused sauce made of tomato juices and caramelised tomato chunks. This is one of my favourite ways of having a vegetarian meal – just this omelette served on top of hot, steamy rice, with a side dish of stir-fried greens. Marvellous!

The key to a tasty, fluffy, golden-coloured omelette is to lightly season beaten eggs with salt, Chinese wine and corn flour, and to beat it vigorously (to trap more air bubbles) just before pouring into hot oil.


This recipe serves 2 to 3 persons.



3 Large Eggs
1/4 tsp Salt
1 tsp Corn Flour
1 tbsp Shaoxing Wine
3 – 4 tbsp Olive Oil, for pan frying

For the Sauce:

1 tbsp Olive Oil
3 – 4 sweet Tomatoes
1/2 tbsp minced Garlic
1 stalk Spring Onion, roughly chopped
3 tbsp Tomato Ketchup
1 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 – 1 1/2 tbsp Sugar
3 tbsp Water
Pinch of Salt

1 tsp Corn Flour in 1 tbsp Water, for thickening


1.  Ready a bowl with iced water. Score or cut slightly into the top and bottom of each tomato with an ‘X’. Bring a saucepan filled with water to a boil. When boiling, put tomatoes in for about 20 to 30 seconds. Once skins just start to come off, remove and immediately put into iced water (to prevent the tomatoes from continuing to cook on the inside). When cooled, peel off skins. Slice into 2-cm thick wedges, remove seeds.

In a separate bowl, mix salt, Chinese wine and corn flour. Stir to combine well. Add eggs, then beat with a fork to mix thoroughly.

2. Into a dry saucepan, heat up olive oil over low fire. When hot, add minced garlic and chopped spring onions, stir fry for about 20 seconds till fragrant. Add tomato slices, continue to stir fry till juices start to ooze out. Add remaining sauce ingredients (except corn flour solution), stir to mix well. 

Do a taste test. If too sour or too tart, add more sugar. If too sweet, add a sprinkle of salt. The sauce should taste mildly sweet but tangy and savoury. Once satisfied, add corn flour solution only if required, a little at a time. The sauce should not be runny, but not too starchy either. Turn off heat, set aside.

3.  Heat up a wok with olive oil over medium heat. Once smoking hot, vigorously beat egg mixture again just before pouring into the centre of the wok. When the eggs just begin to set, chop into large pieces using the wok chan (frying ladle), and lightly scramble about in the wok. When eggs are almost cooked through, pour in the cooked tomato sauce and quickly stir fry to combine well. Turn off heat immediately. Dish out onto a serving plate, garnish with chopped spring onions. Serve hot.



  1. Hello, Waseem! So glad you found recipes here you’d like to try. You can just omit the wine entirely, it won’t affect the overall flavour of the omelette. Hope you’ll enjoy it! Feel free to drop me any comments or feedback…I love to hear from my readers! Cheers, Celia

  2. hi celia,

    just discovered your website. I will be trying out your various recipes starting with the omelette for breakfast. What do you suggest as an alternate to the wine since we don’t drink alcohol?


  3. Hi Abdullah! Thank you for your feedback and for trying it out, I really like what you did to tweak it as well, sounds delicious! I shall try that too the next time I cook this. Do feel free to share tips and techniques on my blog on all things food! Food is my joy and bliss…now you know why I have to keep exercising to work off all those calories. Take care!

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