Pears Steamed with Snow Fungus Soup

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This is a sweet Chinese dessert which I make at least twice a week.  It is so easy to put together, and only takes 40 minutes or so to steam till the pears are soft. The mildly sweet pear juices combined with sweet red dates and natural rock sugar, create a highly soothing, and moisturising soup. Add to that the crunchy texture of snow fungus and the nutty crunch of sweet almonds or apricot kernels, you’ll have a delightful dessert that is loaded with health benefits!


This recipe makes 2 servings.


4 small Asian or Honey Pears

1 clump of Dried Snow Fungus (roughly the size of an egg),

   washed and soaked in water for 10 minutes, tough and yellow
   ends removed, sliced into thin shreds

6 small Red Dates, washed  and pitted

2 tbsp Sweet Almonds, washed
2 – 3 small pieces of Rock Sugar, or to taste
1/4 cup Water


1.  Cut a little off the top and bottom of each pear. Peel and cut into halves. Remove the core with a small spoon. To prevent halves from browning, rub lemon juice all over (optional).

2.  Place all the ingredients into a heat-resistant pot. Steam over high heat for 40 to 45 minutes till pears are soft. If steaming over the stove, be sure to check water level occasionally, and add more water to prevent it from running dry. Serve warm or chilled.


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