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Fish Head Curry – Easy, Delicious, Make-from-Scratch Recipe!

This delicious fish head (or fish fillet) curry is soooo good, you’ll be left wanting more! Here’s an easy, make-from-scratch recipe that makes a hearty, one-pot fish meal, richly flavoured with a tangy curry spice paste, coconut milk, tamarind juice, and fresh vegetables. Seriously. Too. Good. It’s great to be […]

Soy Sauce Chicken

Here’s a really easy, no-fail recipe for soy sauce chicken, a Chinese-style chicken dish that’s sure to become a favourite in any home. Chicken is simmered and steeped until perfectly tender and succulent, in a broth of light and dark soy sauces, flavoured with Chinese rose wine, caramelised ginger, garlic, spring onions, cinnamon and star […]

Watercress & Honey Dates with Pork Ribs Soup

A classic Chinese soup, watercress and honey dates with pork ribs soup, is a mildly sweet, yet savoury, flavourful, full-bodied and nutritious soup that’s generously packed with tender, meaty pork ribs and ladles full of softened, crunchy watercress. I’m updating this post on a classic Chinese soup, watercress and honey dates […]

Pork Congee with Braised Peanuts & Dried Scallops

A Cantonese style, deliciously wholesome, hearty and nutritious congee with pork meat balls and braised peanut, infused with the sweet flavours of dried scallops and shallot oil. Sometimes, we just need a lot of love … in a bowl of congee. It’s something I always fall back to when I’ve […]

Winter Melon Soup with Bean Curd & Chinese Mushroom

Nourish your body with a nutritious and healthy winter melon soup. This easy to prepare Chinese soup combines winter melon with tofu, Chinese mushrooms, and bean curd sticks. Every once in a while, I like to try variations of popular soup ingredients, as great flavours and textures can evolve from […]

Hairy Gourd with Dried Scallop Soup

 Enjoy a simple Chinese soup of hairy gourd with dried scallop, stewed in chicken or pork broth with sweet Chinese red dates. If you love classic Chinese soups stewed with old cucumber or winter melon, you are likely to add hairy gourd to your list of favourite soups.

Black Beans with Pork Ribs Soup

Make an easy, hearty serving of black beans with pork ribs soup, considered to be highly nutritious. This soup is considered to have ‘warming’ properties in Chinese food therapy, and is loaded with nutrients. This black beans with pork ribs soup has such an earthy, full-bodied taste from just a few […]

Three Colours Double-Stewed Soup

A Chinese classic, three colours soup is prepared with white radishes, green radishes and carrots. Here’s a follow-up to an earlier post on the recipe for Tri-Coloured Carrot soup. I finally got around to stocking some lovely green radishes. Having both green as well as white radishes, a bagful of sweet […]

Lotus Root with Lotus Seeds and Red Dates Soup

When it comes to stewing Chinese soups, using fresh and good quality ingredients not only yield far better flavours, but are also nutritionally superior in providing carbohydrates, fibre, phytonutrients, essential minerals and vitamins. This is particularly important when preparing soups with just two to three key ingredients as the quality of […]