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Fish Head Curry – Easy, Delicious, Make-from-Scratch Recipe!

This delicious fish head (or fish fillet) curry is soooo good, you’ll be left wanting more! Here’s an easy, make-from-scratch recipe that makes a hearty, one-pot fish meal, richly flavoured with a tangy curry spice paste, coconut milk, tamarind juice, and fresh vegetables. Seriously. Too. Good. It’s great to be […]

Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce

An easy, savoury home-cooked meal of braised chicken in oyster sauce is all you need to have a taste of Chinese comfort food. The best parts of chicken to use are the wings and legs, as the texture is smoother and extremely tender when braised. This dish is saucy, aromatic […]

Braised Pork Belly and Eggs in Soya Sauce

Taste the heartwarming goodness of Chinese comfort food with this simple dish of pork belly slices and whole-cooked eggs braised in flavoured soya sauce. This deliciously tender pork is best enjoyed spooned over steamed rice, drizzled over with its sauce, or with piping hot porridge, and as meat stuffing for plain […]

Stir-fried Hairy Gourd with Mung Bean Vermicelli

May has been an awfully, awfully quiet month for me on the blog front – hubby and I have been travelling frequently, and just as we start to settle down into a pattern that remotely resembles a routine, we find ourselves packing for yet another road trip.  It’s been a […]

Assam Pork Curry

An easy, quick recipe for assam pork curry, prepared with sliced marbled pork or pork belly, curry spice, chilli paste, lemon grass, fresh curry leaves, and generous amount of coconut milk. Source (with adaptation): ‘Quick & Easy Hawker’s Fare’ by Chef Alan Koh. I have Peranakan roots somewhere in my […]

Three Cup Chicken – Tasty Treasure of Taiwan

A uniquely Taiwanese dish of chicken pieces stir-fried with ginger, garlic, spring onions and dried chillies, and braised in soy sauce, Chinese wine and sesame oil until wonderfully caramelised. Hello! I’m breathing new life into an old post. Three cup chicken (san bei ji) was one of my earliest posts when […]

Thai Green Curry Chicken

I have always loved the colour of Thai green curry, its signature colour being the result of the large green chillies and green bird’s eye chilli blended into the spice paste.  But if you have always had the impression that green coloured chillies aren’t as spicy as their red counterparts, […]

Pork in Tamarind Sauce (Babi Assam)

This pork in tamarind sauce recipe belonged to the late Mrs Leong Yee Soo, who is described in the foreword to her cookbook ‘The Best of Singapore Cooking’, as having “represented the last bastion of Peranakan cooks, whose attention to detail are legendary and for whom cooking skills are developed […]

Kapitan Soy Sauce Chicken

Kapitan soy sauce chicken is a traditional Straits Chinese dish that’s deliciously flavoured with a rich blend of Asian spices, namely, lemon grass, turmeric, candlenuts, cloves, cinnamon and peppercorn, and braised in a lightly seasoned tamarind sauce enhanced with dried tamarind peel. Each bite into the sauce-coated, tender chicken flesh […]

Chicken Curry

Make this tried and tested recipe for chicken curry, Malaysian style, and specifically, of Penang Nonya cuisine, that presents a heart-warming, complex spicy blend of wonderfully natural flavours. Seriously, I have an obsession with chicken curry and it is one that I have been somewhat compulsive in my efforts to […]

Chilli Paprika Chicken with Garlic in Olive Oil

East meets West in this very warming, aromatic dish of chilli paprika chicken, cooked with garlic in olive oil. What a busy month this is turning out to be for me! As such, cooking meals at home has had to be simple, easy and quick. Here is a family favourite […]