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Main Dishes, Seafood Recipes

Teochew-Style Steamed Pomfret

A quick and easy recipe for a uniquely Chinese Teochew dish, delicious steamed pomfret, with salted plums, tomatoes, salted mustard greens, shiitake mushrooms and tofu. When our family feels like having fish, Chinese steamed pomfret is almost always first to come to mind. This is truly one of my favourite ways […]

Sweet Soups

Pears Steamed with Cinnamon & Cloves

An incredibly refreshing and soothing Chinese dessert prepared with freshly cut Asian pears, cinnamon and cloves. This light fruit dessert can be enjoyed as a ‘cooling’ tonic on hot days, or as a ‘warming’ soup during winter. A tonifying dessert is way overdue for me! I’ve been rather over-indulgent lately […]