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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog! A little short introduction just so you know who’s behind all the stuff that you find here.

I’m Celia and I live in the Republic of Singapore – a beautiful, sunny island state that has been my home for the past 20+ years. I moved here from Canada in 1994, and while working here, met my Singaporean husband and now enjoy a happy and contented married life.

I started this food and cooking blog like how most blog authors and writers begin – as an avenue to explore, discover, create, share and express a personal passion.

It took me a while to discover food, particularly cooking and baking, as a process through which I could bring together my interests, skills and abilities. Once I realised that I could do more (a whole lot more!) than just fry eggs or bake butter cookies, I started on my fruitful journey of learning and discovery.

As the saying goes, experience is our greatest teacher, and while I may have the occasional blunder or misadventure in the kitchen, I think I’ve progressed way past scrambled eggs and chocolate chip cookies, to cooking up tasty dishes, treats and desserts. I’m now a passionate home cook and baker.

On any given day, you can find me bustling in my kitchen – cooking the next meal, baking the day’s mid-morning snack or tea-time treat, and always, always, eating! When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m glued to my paperback cookbooks, poring over pages and pictures of delectable foods, or these days, with a hand-held tablet or device in hand, searching for all sorts of recipes, the good and the great.

I particularly enjoy traditional Chinese and South-East Asian cuisine, staying true to my cultural roots and heritage. Living in Singapore is a cook’s dream – the rich and multicultural diversity of ethnicities and cultures (Chinese, Malay, Indian, Eurasian) here offer an exciting smorgasbord of cuisines to try and experiment with!

I am constantly inspired as well by cuisines all over the world – Thai, Japanese, Korean, English, Italian, Spanish, and so much more – there’s nothing that I won’t try once something grabs my interest.

In a nutshell, anything goes! I’m always on the lookout for interesting, challenging or just plain awe-inspiring recipes. It could be anything inconspicuosly printed on the package of some product or ingredient, or even out of a beauty magazine, or on health websites advocating healthy cooking recipes…so long as it turns out wonderful tasting edibles!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll find recipes here that pique your interest! And please do leave your comments – helpful ones most appreciated!


  1. Hi Jezz, so glad this worked out well for you! Thank you so much for letting me know! To your credit, your perseverance paid off! I’m really glad to have you here on my blog too!

  2. Hi Celia! Your vanilla chiffon cake was perfect. It was my third try (the first was too big and pouffy, the second one shrank) and your recipe was the one that worked! Thank you for the very detailed recipe and directions! Will definitely try other things on your site!

  3. Hi Karen, thank you for your lovely message. I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost your dad. Your feelings really resonates with me as well, cos my dad was the home chef in our family and, together with my mom, dished out the most wonderful home cooked meals when we were growing up. At the time, I couldn’t bother myself with learning how to prepare and cook dishes – it was all a big chore to me! Now that I’m much older myself, I realised the value, satisfaction and happiness preparing homecooked comfort meals can bring to so many, that I truly regretted not having learnt more from my parents (Mom’s still here, but can’t remember as well as before how Dad used to cook stuff). I’m so happy you could give the joy of homecooking Chinese dishes to your kids and loved ones. It’s a real blessing! Thank you so much for sharing and bringing up fond memories of our Dads! Have a wobderful week ahead!

  4. Hi Celia, I am a Hong Kong born Canadian. Since my dad’s passing, I have regretted not doing more cooking, and now that my kids are older I have found that they very much appreciated Chinese comfort food. Thank you for your recipes.

  5. Hi Pearlyn, greetings from Singapore! Thank you so much for writing in. We sound like two peas in the same pod! I’m so glad you chanced upon my blog too, I’m always thrilled when readers can relate to me, and especially, to the food that I love cooking and eating. Hope the recipes here bring you lots of wonderful memories and cherished flavours of local food! Happy cooking and have a great year in 2019! Cheers!

  6. Hi , I’m a Singaporean migrated to Gold Coast QLD Australia. I’m a very passionate about cooking , I will never go to sleep without planning what to cook for the next day or next next day ?
    Glad I chanced upon your blog , you really have loads of mouth watering recipes and most are my kind of food and my kind of cooking. Thank you

  7. Celia,
    I found your site when your Walnut Cake recipe caught me somewhere-have forgotten where. I am Caucasian in Austin, the capital in middle Texas. I love food delicacy dishes so I have marked your site in my phone and look forward to trying as many of your practiced recipes as possible. Sincere thanks for all of your work on them and for sharing them with all of us!!!

  8. Hi Angela! Thank you for your kind comments! I’m so glad you like what you see here, and it’s always such a thrill to hear from first-time visitors to my blog. Hope you enjoy your life in Canada, it’s such a beautiful country and where I lived in Calgary and Edmonton, it’s fairly easy to get Asian food ingredients to cook up South East Asian food. Hope to hear from you should you try any of these recipes, I always appreciate feedback and comments! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. This is a wonderful site for someone who loves food delicacy. Thank you for sharing. I am a Singaporean but lived in Canada instead. And definitely love Singaporean and South East Asian food as well as North American and Canadian food.

    All the foods look lovely and delicious!

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Michael, thank you so much! Hope you’ll enjoy these cookies! Have a wonderful (and delicious) weekend!

  11. Great site, cant wait to try the AAH-MAZING peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Look so good.

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