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Chicken Recipes, Main Dishes

Thai Green Curry Chicken

I have always loved the colour of Thai green curry, its signature colour being the result of the large green chillies and green bird’s eye chilli blended into the spice paste.  But if you have always had the impression that green coloured chillies aren’t as spicy as their red counterparts, […]

Chicken Recipes, Main Dishes

Kapitan Soy Sauce Chicken

Kapitan soy sauce chicken is a traditional Straits Chinese dish that’s deliciously flavoured with a rich blend of Asian spices, namely, lemon grass, turmeric, candlenuts, cloves, cinnamon and peppercorn, and braised in a lightly seasoned tamarind sauce enhanced with dried tamarind peel. Each bite into the sauce-coated, tender chicken flesh […]

Chicken Recipes, Main Dishes

Chicken Curry

Make this tried and tested recipe for chicken curry, Malaysian style, and specifically, of Penang Nonya cuisine, that presents a heart-warming, complex spicy blend of wonderfully natural flavours. Seriously, I have an obsession with chicken curry and it is one that I have been somewhat compulsive in my efforts to […]

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Winter Melon with Barley Soup

Winter melon soup is one of those classic Chinese soups which Chinese matriachs and mothers have prepared for their households and families for generations. Learning how to prepare this was considered essential, almost a necessity, if one were to know her place and way around the kitchen in the old days. […]

Chicken Recipes, Main Dishes

Braised Chicken with Potatoes

I love saucy dishes, so it is no surprise that I tend to gravitate towards Cantonese food for the majority of my family meal choices. The Cantonese are certainly well renowned for their cuisine, not only for preparing fine, grand and exquisitely cooked dishes fit for banquets and feasts, but […]